The Joystiq Weekend: June 9 - 11, 2007

Ross Miller
R. Miller|06.12.07

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Ross Miller
June 12th, 2007
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The Joystiq Weekend: June 9 - 11, 2007
Check out Joystiq reader Albert Art's latest creation: a Bonk figuring using a do-it-yourself Munny custom vinyl toy kit. You might remember Munny from an incident involving Epic and a Gears of War doll. We love the meat weapon accessory. Check out the highlights for this weekend:

Japanese hardware sales, May 28 - Jun. 3: Custom excuse edition
Podcast Rodeo for June 10: There's A Tear in My Ear
This is madness! This is Pac-Man 2!
Today's Little Mac-iest video: Punch-Out!! trailer
Today's most transformed video: Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime
Today's saddest video: Breakin' up with Crackdown
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: afterlife edition

Church of England threatens Sony with lawsuit
Kane & Lynch gets new, mullet-rich trailer
Halo 3 beta goes to a happier place
New games this week: Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree edition
Virtual Console adds Sonic 2, Golden Axe 2 and Lode Runner 1
Sony officially announces The Agency for PC and PS3
EA's Boogie-bundled Wii microphone pictured
id Software debuts new engine at Apple conference
MS knows console price sweet spot, they aren't going there
Sony vs. Church of England, meanwhile CNN has field day
Talismoon tiltBoard 360 mod gets major upgrade
Electronic Arts to bring "games" to Mac
Concept art for new Warren Spector game
Disney to triple spending on game development
Prince of Persia Classic confirmed for XBLA this week
Omega Five, not another Harvest Moon

Rumors & Speculation
Rumors: PaRappa 3 to PS3, Silent Hill 5 has US developer

Culture & Community
South Park's Kenny takes Mii form, is killed
Final Fantasy anniversary bash in SF on 26 June
Reasons to own a PSP, and there's 60 of 'em
Xfire Debate Club debates the console war (defense forces, UNITE!)
iTunes on the Wii for free, whee!
Great moments in game ad cheese
Introducing PlayStation.Blog, Sony's official blog
Capcom CPS-3 arcade board finally cracked
Ex-Nintendo chairman now Japan's third wealthiest
Halo 2, Shadowrun made playable on XP
The Texas game development finance provisos

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