TomTom ONE XL reviewed

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TomTom ONE XL reviewed

As they are wont to do, the folks at GPS Lodge have gotten their hands on yet another GPS device for a looksee, with TomTom's new ONE XL getting the review treatment this time 'round. The device itself is a follow-up to TomTom's previous ONE GPS unit, boasting a 4.3-inch widescreen display among other revisions. On the whole, GPS Lodge seems to have been fairly impressed by the unit, saying that it "earns a spot on the top shelf with the better GPS units," and finding that it performed well with the all-important task of not getting them lost. On the downside, they found that the larger screen came at the expense of battery life, and they were somewhat disappointed with the less-than-intuitive methods of entering addresses and selecting POIs. Still, they don't seem to have much trouble recommending the unit, especially considering its $400 price tag.
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