Winners of the Engadget Mascot contest!

Ryan Block
R. Block|06.12.07

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Ryan Block
June 12th, 2007
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Winners of the Engadget Mascot contest!

Ok, it's time to coronate the Engadget mascot -- we know how you've waited to find out whose character is going to appear on Engadget (and take home the Wii). We're just as stoked as you. Whenever you're ready, the winners are posted after the break.

Grand prize
Enrico Limcaco - Gadgie, the modular USB gadget mascot. Say hello to your new Engadget mascot! Full size version here.

First runner-up
Eric Vass - The all-knowing gadget heap!

Second runner-up
Dave - Spectre Engadget. Our man Dave comes through yet again! Full size version here.

Third runner-up
John Keppel - Gidget, the poseable 3D robot. We love the cell-shaded style on Gidget, check her out in full size here and here.

Fourth runner-up
Lee Norris - Engadget Gremlin. So that's where all our lost gadgets have been going! Check it out full size here and here.

Fifth runner-up
Albert Castillo - Made fifth runner-up by popular demand! If this site were reincarnated as Bomberman, we would totally look like this. Full size here.

Honorable mention (in no particular order)
Chuck Bird's Killbot
Matthew Tarpley's busy robot
Gabriel Pasqualini's Geeko
Jen Popken's Joe Fanbot

And finally, the gallery! Thanks again to everyone who entered, we can totally feel the love. And once again, big ups to the WMExperts store for providing the still very difficult to find Wii as the grand prize for the contest!

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