Atlus needs you to dress like Bonk

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Atlus needs you to dress like Bonk

We don't know exactly what part Atlus played in the development of the Turbografx-16 mascot game, but their name is totally on the title screen, so we're totally making the suggestion to you! Should you happen to attend this year's Anime Expo event in Long Beach, California, you can take part in an Atlus costume contest! As Bonk, obviously!

The company will hand out mysterious prizes to the person with the best costume based on an Atlus character. The convention runs from June 29th to July 2nd, so you'd better start sewing that singlet! All of the Bonks, and other attendees, will also get a chance to see upcoming games at a panel discussion on Sunday, July 1st.

You could go as the doctor guy from Trauma Center, or even, we guess, a character from a game that's not on the Wii, but trust us on this one. Giant-headed caveman trumps anime doctor every time.

[Via GayGamer]
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