Metareview: Big Brain Academy

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Metareview: Big Brain Academy
With the release of Big Brain Academy Wii Degree, many have found something fresh to play on their Wii. With the prospect of new titles on the regular becoming smaller and smaller as the months wear on (until August 20th, that is), many were hoping that Big Brain Academy could fill that empty void in their life. According to critics, that just isn't happening as the game has a variety of different issues.
  • IGN (76/100) thinks the game has a long way to go to perfection: "You're going to have fun here, but in three or four years we'll look back at this game and it will pale by comparison to its inevitable sequels."
  • GameSpot (73/100) says it's still just a collection of minigames: "Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree is a simple collection of brain teasers that are different enough from the other minigame collections on the Wii to make it worth playing."
  • Yahoo! Games (70/100) says the game costs too much: "Big brains are certainly desirable, but big price tags are a different matter, and Wii Degree's standard $49.99 asking price is a little hard to stomach. While the game is tons of fun, there's just a handful of minigames and not much else, which puts it in a different class to other full-priced options."
  • GameDaily (70/100) is of the mind that the game needed more minigames: "It needed more minigames and a livelier presentation, but gamers will enjoy the multiplayer options and gameplay innovations."
Any of you out there pick the game up and want to offer your opinions?
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