Church of England asks Japanese to join campaign

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Church of England asks Japanese to join campaign
The Associated Press reports the Church of England is now asking the people of Japan to join their campaign against Sony and the game Resistance: Fall of Man, which has one scene of fighting aliens in an artistic rendition of Manchester Cathedral during an alternate time line.

Ready to watch the AP drop the ball just like CNN? Here we go, the AP reports, "The new PlayStation 3 game, 'Resistance: Fall of Man,' involves a virtual shootout between rival gunmen with hundreds of people killed inside the cathedral. Church officials have described Sony's alleged use of the building as 'sick' and sacrilegious." OK kids, what's wrong with that paragraph? Looks like somebody didn't even bother to Google the game.

The Church of England says they have received a "silent response on the issue" from Sony since contacting them on Monday and deem it "not acceptable behavior." Sony says it's in talks, which the Church denies, and even Prime Minister Tony Blair chimed in yesterday with his thoughts on the issue. The Church of England stands by their claim that "for a global manufacturer to recreate the interior of any religious building such as a mosque, synagogue, or in this case, a cathedral, with photo realistic quality and then encourage people to have gun battles in the building is beyond belief and in our view highly irresponsible." The Church, speaking through the Very Rev. Rogers Govender, said they want an apology ... and a "substantial donation" to the Church's education department. Money makes everything better.

[Via GamePolitics]
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