European PSN releases for June 15th

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|06.15.07

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European PSN releases for June 15th

Are you ready for this? We feel like, for the first time, we are relaying some good news to all the Europeans out there. Read on to see what your PSN Store now contains.
Where to start! Yes, the games are Midway rehashes (and you know how we feel about those) but, really, it's the thought that counts. Sony are finally pulling their collective finger out and releasing some decent content to the European market. As a quick aside, we can't stop watching that Haze trailer. Honestly. It's on repeat in the background at this very moment.

But what of the Motorstorm Time Attack Mode? We only just got done telling you that it has been delayed, which it has. In America, at least. For those of you about to download it, take heed. There are reports of problems occuring unless you do things in the proper order. Load Motorstorm and update to version 1.2 in the online menu, then download the Time Attack Mode and install.
Our advice is: don't download the midway games. Unless you played them when you were wee, they're not going to have much impact on you. Instead, wait until next week for your downloadable game fix. And the week after. As we've already told you, on the 22nd we will see the European release of Calling All Cars and on the 29th it's Super Stardust HD's turn to grace our PS3 hard drives with its presence.

We think we speak for the majority of European PS3 gamers when we say "Nice work Sony, just be sure to keep it up in the coming months!"
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