Sony Ericsson K850 / K530 handsets get spotted

Darren Murph
D. Murph|06.17.07

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Sony Ericsson K850 / K530 handsets get spotted

No sooner than Sony Ericsson goes and makes the K850 and K530 (amongst many others) official, it looks like there's already been some hands-on action with a pair. Reportedly snapped at the recent Sony Ericsson product launch in Hong Kong, the five-megapixel K850 cameraphone was oohed and ahhed over, but the not-exactly-soft soft keys and lack of backlighting seemed to be a bit of a drag. The K530 was admittedly in early prototype mode, so not much was known other than it still sported the generic model designation of SE123. But hey, at least the photos waiting after the jump will somewhat quell your insatiable desire for more details about these mobiles.

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