Sonic Rivals 2 officially announced, includes Game Sharing

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Sonic Rivals 2 officially announced, includes Game Sharing

A leaked retail release calendar accidentally revealed Sonic Rivals 2 a little too early. However, Sega has officially announced the title today. This PSP-exclusive sequel will feature a revamped rival "jostling" gameplay system for tighter head-to-head competition. (One of the problems of the first title was how limited conflicts were between the racers.) A brand new Battle mode allows two players to jump into six different multiplayer challenges. With Game Sharing, players will be able to partake in the challenges with just one UMD. Power-ups have been improved for the sequel, giving gamers a fairer chance at competing.

In addition, Miles "Tails" Prower and other new characters have been added to the playable roster. A new single-player Free play mode will allow characters to explore each level at their own pace. Just as before, each character in the game will also have their own unique signature moves.

Finally, card collection returns in Sonic Rivals 2: it now features more than 150 collectable cards, which will enable players to customize characters with new track suits, unlock PSP backgrounds, and unlock Cup Circuits. Sonic Rivals 2 is currently scheduled for a Fall release. Check out the first images of the game in our new gallery.


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