Hold yourself over with the iPhone VR

What did I do when I was forced, inhumanely, to wait for my slick new (at the time) MacBook Pro to arrive at my door in all its aluminum-y goodness? Why, I turned to Apple's MacBook Pro QuickTime VR to ease the anticipatory pains and tide me over 'til the doorbell rang and the heavenly delivery man made my dreams come true.

Well, if you're desperately eager for the iPhone and canna' take it any longer (imagine that was a bad Scotty impression), then here's some Tylenol-style relief: Apple (finally) posted a QuickTime VR of the lovely device, giving you a 360 view of iPhone in all its glory. Play with it, spin it around, check out all the cool angles and curves -- and quickly hide the window when your wife walks in.

Don't want her getting jealous.

Thanks MikeE!