AT&T's busy launch roster (and no, we don't mean the iPhone)

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|06.25.07

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AT&T's busy launch roster (and no, we don't mean the iPhone)
A trusted source has slipped us some 411 that should be music to the ears of anyone on AT&T that isn't getting an iPhone. Believe it or not, AT&T hasn't forsaken you -- in fact, the network's upcoming launches are looking very promising indeed. From Samsung we'll see the A537 "Lion" and A737 "Peridot," and while we don't have any intel on what these might be, the A537 should reveal itself no later than August and the A737 may be an ultra-thin 3G slider to accompany the A717 and A727 flip and candybar. From Motorola, the RAZR 2 V9 is apparently in AT&T's sights -- if you hear AT&T employees discussing "Wildcat," this is the phone they're referring to -- while the V3xx gets yet another color: bubblegum pink. Finally, LG chimes in with the CU575 (a phone we saw way back at Spring CTIA) and the CE110. Stay tuned for details as we get 'em!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]
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