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Transforming Transformer faceplate contest

Transforming Transformer faceplate contest
Alexander Sliwinski
Alexander Sliwinski|@Sliwinski|June 26, 2007 5:00 AM
It's nice when contests are simple and to the point. GamingTalkHQ is actually having a really cool Transformer Xbox 360 faceplate contest and all you have to do is leave the name of your favorite Transformer in their comments section. That's it. Well, probably a valid email address too so they can contact you back if you win.

There are 4 Autobot and 4 Decepticon packs up for grabs and each one comes with 12 chrome interchangeable transformable faceplates. The faceplates would typically retail for about $20 at Gamestop and they are allegedly sold out at the moment. We want to win just so we can say, "See that Transformers faceplate? It's more than meets the eye." Autobots, roll out!

[Via Xbox360Fanboy]
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