Get out of your current cell contract

Thank you, Wired.

The #1 hindering factor in purchasing an iPhone -- at least for most people I know -- is that they're mired in contracts with other, lesser-blessed carriers like Verizon or T-Mobile. And often cancellation fees are steep, too steep to warrant a cancellation just (hah, just) to buy an iPhone. (Imagine tacking $200 to that $600 price tag.) Well, the good folks -- particularly Daniel Dumas -- at Wired has you covered with 8 ethically-questionable-but-incredibly-clever tips to salvage your soul from the wireless devils.

A few of the gems include changing your address to an area where your provider doesn't offer coverage (nulling the contract); demanding the physical paperwork (if they can't produce it you're free); or faking your own death. Check the full article for more tips, details on how to get it done, and the odds of each tip's success.