New QWERTY slider from LG coming to Sprint?

Brian White
B. White|06.27.07

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New QWERTY slider from LG coming to Sprint?
QWERTY is a good thing for all our sore thumbs, so even if you're not into smartphones and all that, should just a decent thumb-board still gets you excited? Possibly, but if you're a Sprint fan, definitely. There are currently no slider handsets with full QWERTY goodness available from Sprint, but is word on the street is true, an LG unit may be up to bat soon. We're of the mind that a QWERTY non-smartphone would be a home run for Sprint, although availability is rumored for this model-less unit for Q4 of this year. The usual suspects on onboard: digicam (no rez available), Bluetooth, microSD and that nice slide-out texting interface. Unknowns? Screen resolution, digicam resolution and even EV-DO. Although, we gotta believe 1xRTT is dead with Sprint's newer phones.
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