Motorola W218 makes Hong Kong appearance

Brian White
B. White|06.29.07

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Motorola W218 makes Hong Kong appearance
Motorola is rolling out its W218 uninspired-model-nameness handset to Hong Kong customers, who we fear will camp out at carrier locations to be the first one to snap up this first offering from the Motomobile line. To us, this entry-level unit is slightly reminiscent of the SLVR and L2, so again, Motorola is regurgitating old tech here. The W218 gets a built-in FM radio with all that gloriously-sought-after advertising, along with a 2004-era VGA digicam and a 65,000-color display (do we see 128 x 128 there?) and capacity for 500 contacts, though we doubt the target market for this phone has a need to store that much calling information.
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