The (fake) Engadget store returns in a new location!

Remember last year when we found out some dudes had set up gadget shop under the Engadget name in Midvalley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, without our permission? And then a fellow Engadget reader actually OUTED them on camera, as they denied even knowing what Engadget is? Well, that store eventually went out of business (or changed its name), so it was a happy ending -- until now.

Looks like reader Stuart Thomson spotted a new, second Engadget store at what we understand is called "The Pyramid" mall (or perhaps Sunway Pyramid mall?), also in Malaysia. We wouldn't be surprised if this was started by the same guys who set up the last shop -- that logo looks identical to the one on the first Engadget store. Are we on the brink of an entire chain of totally unauthorized Engadget stores bootlegging our name? We don't know, but if anybody's headed to Malaysia and wants to go give these guys a stern talking to on our behalf, hit us up!