Robbing a GameStop for the games of course

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Robbing a GameStop for the games of course
A couple of Orange County, Florida thieves robbed a GameStop originally for the games and systems, then in an apparent epiphany, realized what they were doing and demanded the money too. According to reports, the two robbers walked in the store close to opening while only the manager was there, held him up at gunpoint, filled their duffel bags with games and systems, and then, as an afterthought, apparently took the cash in the store as well. Oddly, they knew to take the store's security tape, which seems to have been conveniently accessible -- well, at least they were smarter than the Richard 'Lord British' Garriott robbers.

We can't help but notice this story sounds awfully familiar. If the robbers really did enter through the front at the strip mall, only to leave out the back with the merchandise like the report says, wouldn't they need to get back to the front for their car? Maybe they parked in the back, then walked out front? Whatever, they were smart enough to take the tape and knew that the tape would be accessible to take. We can't wait to hear how this one ends. Police are currently investigating.

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