Sprint and Qualcomm partner on patent workaround

Brian White
B. White|07.04.07

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Sprint and Qualcomm partner on patent workaround
With the Qualcomm-Broadcom spat still in flux, Sprint has decided to ensure it has a backup plan in place should Broadcom force some kind of CDMA shutdown in the U.S. As such, the carrier has joined up with Qualcomm to test a software update related to its CDMA handsets that would allow EV-DO handsets to continue working should a court outcome side with Broadcom and enforce a patent infringement situation on Qualcomm. The CDMA chipmaker has the most to lose here, as customers Verizon Wireless and Sprint would be barred from using and importing CDMA chips with Qualcomm tech inside if Broadcom prevails.

[via phonescoop]
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