Hudson admits Bomberman: Act Zero was bad

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Private confession is good for the soul. Public confession is good for image and marketing. Hudson, in the latest of their kooky videos, goofs around about the upcoming Bomberman Live (expected before the end of July) and just flat out admits Bomberman: Act Zero as an absolute mistake. Although low on details, the video is a fun little thing to watch, with a nice bit of political incorrectness that pokes fun at everybody -- and brings the Wii into the discussion while people fake playing Bomberman Live.

We'd be excited for Bomberman Land on the Wii if recent events hadn't reminded us how unfriendly the Wii is to online. Although Bomberman Land for the Wii and DS are expected later this year, Bomberman Live looks to be the way to go for the Bomberman faithful. And at an expected 800 MS point price ($10), that kinda beats anything that the Wii and DS versions will have at $29.99+ with limited online functionality. Keep it simple, keep it fun, keep it multiplayer friendly -- that should be the Bomberman mantra.
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