Unreal Tournament 3 to ship with dozens of maps

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|07.05.07

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Unreal Tournament 3 to ship with dozens of maps
Over on Beyond Unreal, Death Booger mentions that August's OXM demo disc features a look at a few of the multiplayer maps that'll ship with Unreal Tournament 3. Among the pretty in-game videos are a few details about UT3 including confirmation that the game will ship with three to four dozen multiplayer maps. And, if our math is correct, that works out to be around 36 to 48 multiplayer maps on launch day and on the disc! The maps will of course vary in size, player count, etc., but the shear amount of variety should satisfy any Unreal enthusiast. Here's to hoping the "dozens" remarks holds true when the game ships as that would seriously put Shadowrun's nine maps to shame.
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