Motorola W385, new LG Chocolates live on Verizon

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.10.07

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Motorola W385, new LG Chocolates live on Verizon

Thinking back to when we first caught wind of it, the turnaround on the ambiguously named VX8550 Chocolate from LG wasn't that bad -- but the same can't be said of Verizon's other retail introduction today, the midrange Motorola W385. This thing's been kicking around as a rumored Big Red device since April at the latest -- and yes, we'll admit that our sense of time is a bit skewed, but that's, like, forever. Anyhoo, pick up the VGA-cam'd, 160 x 128 screen'd W385 for $70 after all the contracts and discounts have been applied; meanwhile, the VX8500 successor can be yours for a nice, round hundie.

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