Atlus USA announces new games for E3

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|07.10.07

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Atlus USA announces new games for E3

Quirky game champion, Atlus USA, today announced several new games to be shown during the E3 media summit. Featuring medical professionals, touchy-feely detectives and gyrating combatants (sadly not in the same game), the lineup focuses primarily on the Nintendo DS.

Draglade (Nintendo DS)

It's a beat 'em up, you see, where "it's not just about how hard you hit or fast you move, it's also how well you can groove." Released in Japan earlier this year, Draglade features clashing combatants equipped with "glades," weapons that emit distinct sounds when struck against something -- preferably your opponent's head. With the sounds of battle forming a symphony of destruction, we're half expecting a playable Pied Piper character.

Ontamarama (Nintendo DS)

Boasting by far the most fun title to scream obnoxiously at E3 thus far, Ontamarama is a music and rhythm game that sees players controlling musical spirits, presumably poking and prodding them to emit all sorts of soothing sounds. We'll find out later this week whether it gets us tapping our feet -- and our screens.

Touch Detective 2 1/2 (Nintendo DS)

Tiny detective Mackenzie returns in this adventure sequel which promises to be "longer, wittier, and more entertaining" than the original point-and-tapper. If you're going to touch something sharp, you're probably better off with a detective as opposed to darts.

Trauma Center: New Blood (Nintendo Wii)

This is the official North American announcement to go with Famitsu's reveal of the game earlier today. Encouraging people to play doctor with their closest friends (using a Wii, lololz), Trauma Center: New Blood most notably gives the signature surgery series a two-player co-op mode. Pass the nunchuck, nurse.
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