Big changes at Challe's home for little tykes

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|07.10.07

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Big changes at Challe's home for little tykes

Challe's home for little tykes has long been one of my favorite locations in Outlands. Cute babies, hidden secrets, an intimation of something horrible happening -- what's not to love? I did feel sort of bad for the tiny Horde babies, left in their bassinets or spinning forever on the merry-go-round until they grew up enough to either play with the explosives in the sandbox, get stuck in the cage behind the orphanage, or realize that there are like ten Horde babies and one night elf and begin a very short baby war.

So I was happy today to discover that Blizzard has secretly put in some changes at the mountain orphanage. For one, Challe (a blue-haired female troll) is back from wherever she was, and is actually watching her charges -- she even admonished me to be quiet or risk waking them up. They also added in some toddlers -- a human boy named Chaddo and a blood elf girl named Sa'rah chase each other around while an orc girl hides in the massive dinosaur skeleton in the sandbox.

I always love to see Blizzard adding in little Easter Eggs for explorers like this, although I still wonder why there's bloodstains and skeletons all around the area. What do you think Challe's up to? Are those tauren babies becoming hunter pet food?

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