GTAIV multiplayer details invoke feelings of friendship

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|07.11.07

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GTAIV multiplayer details invoke feelings of friendship
We could blab about the single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto IV, but we've been kept in the dark about the multiplayer options for the game and finally found something. We're going to go ahead and detail them below, so enjoy.

One multiplayer mode will require you to seek out your opponent and eliminate him. How would you find him in such a big city? He's got to get his crime ranking thing up to seven stars, then he'll pop up on your radar. After that, seek him out and destroy him. Like the Terminator.

There are more modes to come, but that's all we were enlightened to for now. As for the single player mode, an in-game internet and cell phone will be integral to the game. Think ... Front Mission 3 with the pseudo-internet. You use the phone to order up more weapons, et cetera, so don't worry about running to a weapon shop while being chased. Call on the run! More details to come, we're sure.

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