Readers pick best webcomic: Fictitious Pulp

Ross Miller
R. Miller|07.10.07

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Ross Miller
July 10th, 2007
Readers pick best webcomic: Fictitious Pulp
Poor Fanboys Online. First it writes a brilliant satire of current video game events coupled with the film Pulp Fiction. Then it gets neglected in the first week of Webcomic Wrapup eligibility. Then when we try to add it to the polls, the Fanboys website goes down!

Thanks to the readers, and especially Tim from 2P Start, we managed to get the comic up and to the masses (it later resurfaced), and Fictitious Pulp ended up being crowned the week's most popular webcomic.

Second place went to Ninja Ken (direct link) and third to RPG-TV. Don't expect the next installment until Sunday while we spend Saturday recovering from E3. Thanks to everyone who voted, and be sure to let us know of any game-related webcomics you stumble upon this week!
Here's the breakdown:

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