"Disappearing door" Lincoln concept turns up on eBay

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"Disappearing door" Lincoln concept turns up on eBay
It's not often we cover fourteen year old cars 'round here, but it's also not often that a rare concept vehicle with crazy "disappearing" doors turns up on eBay. That's what happened to this one-of-a-kind Lincoln Mark VIII, which narrowly avoided the scrap heap back in the day and apparently went on to make one owner very happy all these years. As the story goes, Lincoln commissioned Joalto Design to modify the car after worrying about its ability to fit in tight parking spaces. Joalto's solution was to have the door slide under the car, a process that turned out to be surprisingly graceful (check out the video at the link below). For some unknown reason, Lincoln turned 'em down and ordered the vehicle destroyed. Needless to say, that didn't happen, and this piece of automotive futurism could now be yours for the right price (Iast we checked bidding was around the $19,000 mark with the reserve not yet met).

[Via SlashGear]
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