Terrifying bike helmet filters bad air, increases fear

If you've been worrying that small children weren't frightened enough when you pedaled your bike down the street, 22-year-old Luke Pannell, a Brunel University industrial design student, is here to help. The young inventor has created a biking helmet that he's dubbed "Breathe Air," which in addition to looking like a cross between Michael Myers, a Storm Trooper and The Predator, also features a filtering "shield" over the mouth and nose, which cuts particles and dust, then expels them through a plastic tube when the user exhales. The helmet isn't currently in production, but the designer hopes to find a manufacturer, then market the device for around £100. Now all it needs is an attached Bluetooth headset so you can communicate back to the Death Star without taking your eyes off the road.

[Via Boing Boing]