You are not worthy of this Dungeon Siege trailer

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|07.19.07

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Justin McElroy
July 19th, 2007
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Oh sweet mother of mercy. How hard are you going to see this movie? Like Richter-scale hard? Though the end of the trailer says December, 1UP says that In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale has been moved to January, thereby guaranteeing that 2008 will be the greatest year ever.

Honestly, if the whole thing was two minutes of Ray Liotta slo-mo backwards leaping, we would have already pre-purchased our tickets. But there's so much more to enjoy! There's Claire Forlani looking gorgeous! There's Jason Statham air kicking! There's John Rhys-Davies reminding us that, although he was in Lord of the Rings, he was also in 41 episodes of Sliders! We are left with just two questions. When, exactly, in January is this gem coming out, and where can we get a Ray Liotta "Life...has never been so exciting!" ringtone?

[Via 1UP, Thanks, EternityInBlack]
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