Custom-made God of War PSP up for auction

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Custom-made God of War PSP up for auction
While it may not be to everyone's taste, this one-of-a-kind God of War PSP is certainly an impressive bit of console modding, boasting not just a spiffy paint job, but a few additions that dig into the PSP itself. Those include a red acrylic window on the rear of the unit that'll let you see the UMD spinning, as well as some red LEDs that light up the PSP's two shoulder buttons (head on over after the break for some more pics). Only the most die hard God of War fans need apply here though, as last we checked the bidding was around the $1,200 mark. On the upside, 15% of the final sale price will go to the Child's Play charity, and you'll also get that classy velvet-lined case to display your new prized possession in.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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