Tilt Scream Pong makes you look insane

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.26.07

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Want to install a game that makes you look as crazy as the poor woman in the video above? Look no further than Tilt Scream Pong, a game that utilizes both the Sudden Motion Sensor and the built in microphone in your Powerbook, iBook, MacBook or MacBook Pro. The basic game is really a solitaire pong game (like Breakout without the blocks), but the ball apparently moves faster and faster. Oh, and your paddle grows in size the more noise you make-- that's why this woman is screaming at her computer while flailing it around awkwardly.

Anyway, it seems a lot like Wii Sports in that you look like a dork while playing it, but it's actually fun to play. The game and source are available for free, and future plans hint at maybe eventually a two player game, or even two player network play. Check it out-- but do it behind closed doors or risk people thinking you're strange.

[via Videosift]
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