United offers gadgets aplenty in new Business seats

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Donald Melanson
July 25, 2007 3:14 PM
United offers gadgets aplenty in new Business seats
Not one to let Qantas get all the attention for its tricked out airline seats, United has now introduced some upgraded amenities of its own. In addition to offering some low-tech improvements like lie-flat seating, the airline's new United Business cabin also gets a boost in the gadget department, including some new 15.4-inch LCDs, a USB port, and an iPod adapter to let you charge your iPod and play your own music and videos on the seat's entertainment unit. You'll also get 20 channels of "stored XM-branded audio," with an additional 30 channels of other "stored audio" also available for you to create a playlist from, with some noise canceling headphones thrown in for good measure. Look for the first planes with the upgraded seats to roll out sometime this fall.

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