FujiFilm's trendy tot cam: the 7.2 megapixel FinePix Z10fd

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Thomas Ricker
July 26th, 2007
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FujiFilm's trendy tot cam: the 7.2 megapixel FinePix Z10fd

In an excruciatingly uncomfortable press release, FujiFilm promises to "hook up" generation Z's "fashion-conscious digital natives" with the launch of their new Z10fd digital camera. Besides sporting the five colors of Zebra Stripped gum, this 7.2 megapixel cam packs face recognition, auto-red eye correction, a dual-shot mode, xD/SD/SDHC support, and an over-inflated "blog mode" which quickly resizes any image into VGA or QVGA sizes. It also allows the kids to instantly share their snaps with any IrSimple capable infrared device -- a seriously short list outside of Japan. Perhaps the most troubling bit is FujiFilm's new "offzhook" website which will celebrate the "Z-lifestyle" when the camera launches in October. Thing is, generation Z is typically defined as being born after 2001. So why the hell is FujiFilm marketing a $200 camera to 6 year olds?
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