DS Fanswag: And the Trioncube & Quickspot winners are ... [update 1]

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David Hinkle
July 30th, 2007
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DS Fanswag: And the Trioncube & Quickspot winners are ... [update 1]

Update: Sorry, but Bill McCai is not a legal resident of the United States, so we had to award Trioncube to someone else. Sorry, but it pays to read the rules.

We've already contacted our winners, to let them know, but in the interest of informing the rest of you, we present the results of our latest DS Fanswag giveaway. We received a lot of entries and are sad we couldn't give something to each and every one of you, but them's the breaks. The two winners are:

The Trioncube winner is:
The Quickspot winner is:
Thanks to all of you for entering our latest giveaway and be sure to keep an eye on DS Fanboy for future game giveaways.
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