ATI graphics to support DisplayPort 1.1 in early 2008

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ATI graphics to support DisplayPort 1.1 in early 2008
Egads, the industry's move to DisplayPort is hotting up with AMD announcing ATI Radeon graphics processors supporting DisplayPort 1.1 in the "early 2008 timeframe." Just in time to support Samsung's new 30-inch panel scheduled to see production in Q2 2008. In fact, AMD just completed successful interoperability testing of their presumably "next-generation graphics processor" toting a native DisplayPort 1.1 transmitter. Taking a deeper look then into those analyst notes issued last week, we can expect the new interface to appear in ATI's Shanghai-class, R700 FireGL graphics cards. Now all we need is an official announcement from some of the PC boys are we're good to go. Yeah, we're looking at you Dell.

[Via I4U News]
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