Zoonami "happily dedicated" to Wii

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JC Fletcher
August 2nd, 2007
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Zoonami "happily dedicated" to Wii
CVG chatted with Zoonami's Martin Hollis (best known for his involvement with Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark while at Rare) about his game design philosophy and his current projects. As happens in developer interviews, the subject of a possible Wii game came up. Hollis responded: " We are happily dedicated to Wii, which is a very exciting console indeed, and are working on multiple projects." The Zendoku developer also stated boldly that "I also believe that Wii will change the world."

Of course, besides the obvious sales benefits of developing software for a popular system like the Wii, and the suitability of the system for puzzle games and other casual fare, it also seems that because the Wii is such a social phenomenon, developers can get good press just for saying they like it. Which, for Zoonami, is good, because who knows when they'll get a game out?
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