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L.A. Noire still listed as exclusive to PS3

Andrew Yoon
Andrew Yoon|@scxzor|August 3, 2007 2:00 PM

Yeah, the trailer isn't new, but a lot of people have no idea what this game is. The latest financial reports from Take-Two have rolled around and we found it interesting to note that on the list of upcoming titles and platforms, L.A. Noire is still listed only as a PS3 title.

We don't find this necessarily shocking. In fact, Take-Two's previous financial reports said the same. However, it is nice to see not only further confirmation of exclusivity, but another piece of evidence pointing towards developer support for the PlayStation 3 -- optimization of games on each platform is going to be much more important this generation for all consoles. If you have no idea what to expect with L.A. Noire, go watch the movie Chinatown. It's an excellent film and then imagine that as a game, with plenty of action riddled in between the narrations.