Strong evidence found for first party iPhone games

Wait just a tick before you install an NES emulator on that iPhone of yours! (Actually, on second thought, go ahead and install it -- but pay close attention here anyway.) Sister site Download Squad has stumbled upon some pretty damning evidence that Apple is cooking up games for the handset, finding this little gem in iTunes' localization strings: "Are you sure you want to remove the selected game from your iPhone?" Seeing how there aren't really any games to remove at the moment, we can only take this to mean that there are some in the pipe -- which hopefully we won't want to remove, hence Apple's concerned tone in the string. Traditional iPods are now well entrenched in the brain-rotting, time-wasting downloadable app market, so a similar move on the iPhone almost seems like a foregone conclusion, especially considering the endless possibilities afforded by the gargantuan touchscreen and the recent posting of a senior game developer position out in Cupertino. Stay tuned! While you're waiting, maybe you can kill some time with some Bubble Bobble, eh?

Update: Apparently, these strings have been floating around the nets for a little while now; our apologies for those that already knew!