Unboxing the new iMac

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.09.07

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Hard to believe you could run a whole video site just by posting vids of people unboxing new gadgets, but I'll be darned if the guys at Unboxing haven't gone and done it-- their latest video shows off the new iMac, and I have to say (a little ashamedly) that I was glued to my screen the whole time. I don't know if opening up something Apple didn't make would have the same effect, but going through that box piece by piece, with all the little custom packaging and that incredible keyboard... "vicarious thrills" indeed!

Every time I crack open an Apple product, I'm always thrilled with all the little touches, and this time is no exception-- I love the two booklets, labeled "Everything Mac" and "Everything else," as if Mac was its own universe, and the way the iMac itself is nestled in the box and packaging just feels so perfect. It is disappointing that the Apple Remote doesn't stick to the side any more, however-- it's hard to believe Jobs would consciously choose not to put the little magnet in there, so maybe someone in Cupertino is facepalming when they realize they forgot it.

Update: Engadget also has a nice unboxing gallery up, including a few good hands-on notes about the keyboard.

Thanks, Andru!
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