New Mario Galaxy scans show Boo costume, cubed planets

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.10.07

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Ross Miller
August 10th, 2007
New Mario Galaxy scans show Boo costume, cubed planets
New scans from the latest issue of Famitsu have popped up on the NeoGAF forums with new pictures and information on Super Mario Galaxy (which, as we all know, was originally just two Super Mario Star Clusters duct-taped together).

Shown in the new scans are cube- and torus-shaped planets, Mario in his bee costume and also a few images of Mario as a Boo. According to translations found on Go Nintendo, Bee Mario can use his stinger and Boo Mario will be left alone by other Boos (though one of the Boo Mario images show him apparently getting hurt by another Boo).

Also according to the translations -- we haven't verified the information ourselves, so we can't confirm its validity -- is that six worlds will be in the final game, each with multiple planets. Also, as per the usual post-N64 Mario game, Galaxy will feature 120 stars you can collect.

Super Mario Galaxy is hoping to move a few units when it's released November 12 in North America.

[Via NWF]
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