XM announces split-screen XpressRC radio

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XM announces split-screen XpressRC radio
While we're a bit skeptical of the company's claims to "redefine the listening experience," XM's new XpressRC radio does indeed look to be fairly impressive as far as satellite radios go, with it boasting a full-color split-screen display among other notable new features. That screen will let you view information for your current channel on the left side, while letting you browse up to three other channels on the right side. Apart from that, the radio will give you a 60-minute buffer to let you pause and replay programming, and you'll be able to store up to ten of your favorite songs with the new "Songsaver" feature. As with other satellite radios, you'll also be able to move it between vehicles, and make use of various docks and speaker systems for a little out-of-vehicle listening. Look for this one to set you back $170 when it rolls out this fall.

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