Wii Warm Up: What do you hate about the Wii?

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David Hinkle
August 14th, 2007
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Wii Warm Up: What do you hate about the Wii?
Surely, such a post title is hard to read, quite possibly causing a massive heart attack in our older readers. But, we all must face the fact that, although we love it, the Wii is in no way perfect. It has its issues, which we've talked about before. Some are more like little pet peeves, while others are full-blown deal breakers.

For us, our biggest nuisance is the fact that we have to enter our credit card information every time we go to purchase some Wii Points (outside world, be damned!). It's caused us to be the unwitting recipient of memorization, as we no longer need to grab our wallet and extract the card to input its long chain of numbers. How do you know we haven't reserved that space for some other, more useful, knowledge, Nintendo? Like ... how long is the perfect time to cook a burrito in the microwave. That's knowledge that was fought for, and won! Many burritos gave their lives to provide us with that information ...

Take those two cents of yours and toss 'em right in! What bugs you about the Wii?
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