First all-electric police car takes to the streets

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.24.07

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First all-electric police car takes to the streets
C'mon, fess up -- you'd be a lot less intimidated by a whisper quiet, all-electric squad car than one with a roaring V8, but it's hard to argue the fuel savings that would accrue if an entire precinct resorted to using the former. Such a car has now been loosed by the Connellsville Police Department, which had its combustion engine removed and replaced by a "pure-electric" alternative. The modified Chevy Impala will reportedly cruise for eight hours on a two-hour charge from a 240-volt outlet, but can't chase down baddies in heavy rain for fear of water "destroying its electrical circuits." Furthermore, Coherent Systems International (the car's converter) will be monitoring its effectiveness over the next two years as it aims to "work with other state agencies" and create more alternatively-fueled automobiles for public service.

[Via Wired]
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