DirecTV's new MPEG4 channel show up in guide (in engineering mode)

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|08.29.07

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Ben Drawbaugh
August 29, 2007 7:43 PM
DirecTV's new MPEG4 channel show up in guide (in engineering mode)

Ahh, the anticipation of new HD channels. DirecTV has many new channels planned in the coming months and unfortunately we'll have to wait to enjoy them. One well respected AVSForum member got a little treat after work today when he noticed that all the new channel assignments were showing up in the guide. Before you go running to check your guide, you should know that this particular person has a card which enables him to view what the engineers see -- hence the name engineering mode. We're not sure if he works for DirecTV, or how he obtained this card, but we'll be following this closely 'till all the HD goodness is delivered. Check out the full list of channels and their assignments after the jump.9800 CSTV
9801 FSN Midwest
9802 FSN Bay Area
9803 FSN Houston
9804 Disney Channel
9805 Animal Planet
9806 FSN North
9807 FSN New England
9808 FX
9809 Toon Disney
9810 ESPN News
9811 FSN Northwest
9812 FSN New York
9813 CD USA "The 101"
9814 Cinemax HD
9815 National Georaphic
9816 FSN Pittsburgh
9817 MSG
9818 MTV
9819 HBO West
9820 NBA TV
9821 FSN Rocky Mountain
9822 SportsNet New York
9823 A&E
9824 Starz Edge
9825 NFL Network
9826 FSN South
9827 YES
9828 Starz West
9829 Starz East
9830 NHL
9831 FSN Southwest
9832 Science Channel
9833 History Channel
9834 Showtime West
9835 Outdoor
9836 FSN West
9827 SportsSouth
9838 Discovery
9839 Movie Channel
9840 Tennis Channel
9841 FSN Prime Ticket
9842 Speed
9843 Fuel
9844 HGTV
9845 Spike
9846 Sun Sports
9847 Starz Comedy
9848 Big Ten
9849 CNN
9850 Comcast SportsNet Chicago
9851 FSN Ohio
9852 Sho Too
9853 The Weather Channel
9854 TBS
9855 Cartoon Network
9856 FSN Cincinnati
9857 Starz Kids & Family
9858 Bravo
9859 Comedy Central
9860 Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic
9861 FSN Florida
9862 TLC
9863 CSN West
9864 Versus
9865 MASN/ SportsTime Ohio
9866 Altitude
9867 Cinemax West
9863 Sci-Fi
9869 MHD
9870 FSN Arizona
9871 Chiller/ SAC MNT
9872 ABC Family
9873 USA Network
9874 Nickelodeon East
9875 FSN Detroit
9876 NESN
9877 CNBC
9878 The Food Network
9879 VH1

There are also some other channels, we're not sure what they are yet, but they might be additional local channels.

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