OMG: could this rumor be true?

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JC Fletcher
August 29th, 2007
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OMG: could this rumor be true?

The answer is yes. We have no reason to doubt the prescient Gamefly, and we have absolutely no reason to doubt the existence of more minigame collections. According to the rental service, a new game called O.M.G. -- Our Mini Games 26 is being published by UFO Interactive, for an October 25 release. No idea what any of the games will be like, but if they're as cute as the title, we might be on board. Finally, the DS has its answer to WTF on the PSP, LOL on the Dreamcast, and AFKBRB

... oh, that last one wasn't a game title. We were making a sandwich-- sorry about that.

[Via Siliconera]
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