Changes to loot items coming in 2.2

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.30.07

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Changes to loot items coming in 2.2
Drysc tells us that there are changes coming to the latest Upper Deck loot items in 2.2. The Goblin Gumbeaux Kettle is going to keep its one hour cooldown, but everyone who loots it will get Gumbeaux (warning: may cause intestinal gas) for the entire three minutes it stays on the ground. Can't wait to see those pop up around Shattrath (or, as Drysc says, in the middle of raids).

And good news for the few who were able to grab the Spectral Tiger Mount (or just picked it up on eBay). Apparently the cat is getting "a little more armor" and the ethereal effect of it will be improved. Sounds great. I still haven't seen one of those ingame yet-- have you?

People are still complaining about the hourlong cooldown on the gumbo (sorry, Gumbeaux), and I'm torn. One on hand, an hour is a really long time for an item that's just a joke. I get to summon Vargoth every few minutes (and often do when I get bored). But then again, it is just a joke-- who really cares whether you have to wait five minutes or an hour to burp your heart out? It's a fun loot reward-- be happy you got one and enjoy it as is.
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