S1Digital's CableCARD-equipped Media Centers now shipping

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S1Digital's CableCARD-equipped Media Centers now shipping image
S1Digital's CableCARD-equipped Media Centers now shipping image
They may have taken a bit longer than the company initially claimed, but S1Digital's new CableCARD-enabled Media Centers are apparently now finally shipping. That desirable option is available on the company's ProLine Quad Server and FX Editions, and its Home Series Platinum Edition, each of which boast a pair of CableCARD slots to let you watch and record two channels at the same time. It looks like you'll also be able to keep plenty of those recordings on deck, with up to 3.75 terabytes of storage on the Server Edition and 2.25 terabytes on the Platinum Edition. Otherwise, you can expect Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processors depending on the model, along with optional HD DVD or Blu-ray drives, and NVIDIA PureVideo HD video processors, with Windows Vista running the show. From the looks of it, S1Digital is only selling the Home Series Media Center directly to customers, with the higher-end options reserved for dealers and custom installers.
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