DualCor sues Intel over Dual Core name

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Donald Melanson
September 4, 2007 12:33 PM
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DualCor sues Intel over Dual Core name
DualCor Technologies may be using some Intel hardware in its cPC handheld, but that apparently doesn't mean the two see eye to eye all the time, with the former company now suing the latter over its use of (you guessed it) the "Dual Core" name. According to The Inquirer, DualCor (which changed its name from GCVI in December 2003) says it trademarked "DualCor" in May of 2004, and claims that Intel knew about the name as early as December of 2003. Now, DualCore is saying that by using the "Dual Core" name, Intel is "likely to cause confusion, mistake or deception among consumers as to the source quality and nature of DualCor's goods." As a result, DualCor is looking for more than a million dollars in damages, as well as an injunction to prevent Intel from using the "Dual Core" name any further. No word from Intel just yet, it seems, although we're guessing its lawyers are hard at work on a "we can spell better than them" defense.
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