Breakfast Topic: Doom! ... DOOOOOM!

David Bowers
D. Bowers|09.06.07

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Breakfast Topic: Doom! ... DOOOOOM!
A wizened old man stands here on the street corner with a cardboard sign held over his body, shouting at everyone who will (or will not) listen. He cries out: "The end is nigh! Prepare yourselves, for soon we shall witness with very our own eyes the end of the world!... of Warcraft!"

Well... no. In all honestly that's very likely the last thing that will happen. When WoW is no more it will go out with a whimper, not a bang. Its players will have long since moved on to Universe of Warcraft, or Galaxy of Starcraft, or Unending Megaverse of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Online, or whatever is the next great games are. The shutting down of WoW servers will probably make some mention on the various gaming blogs before passing on into history at last.

Some people have already been burned out for a long time now, while some people are only now wondering if maybe another expansion just isn't enough, while still others will never be burned out on WoW anymore than they could get bored of good old classics Uno, Chess, or Checkers.

But it stands to reason that eventually the WoW that we play today will be no more, right? So now I put it to all you who have your fingers on the pulse of WoW. How many years has it got left? How many more years will you keep playing? Or is it actually still so young and vibrant that there's really no way to tell how long it's got? Perhaps we bloggers should stop being so negative? Tell us what you think.
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