Sony set to release new NR Series VAIO laptops

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Donald Melanson
September 7th, 2007
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Sony set to release new NR Series VAIO laptops
It looks like Sony's about to add yet another addition to its VAIO line-up, with NotebookReview now reporting that the company will soon be releasing a pair of laptops in its new NR Series. Apparently headed for Europe first, these will each boast 15.4-inch WXGA displays, with the higher-end charcoal-colored model packing a 2GHz T7250 Core 2 Duo processor and the lower-end silver-colored model scaling things back to 1.5GHz T5250. Otherwise, the two seem to be more or less identical, each relying on the standard Intel X3100 graphics, and each coming equipped with a 200GB hard drive, along with the usual ExpressCard and memory card slots. While there's no official word on pricing or availability just yet, NotebookReview speculates that they could be coming this fall for as little as $899 for the base configuration.
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