Cooltone mini fridge keeps tunes, beverages on tap

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Donald Melanson
September 11th, 2007
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Cooltone mini fridge keeps tunes, beverages on tap
As far as gadget-enhanced fridges go, this Cooltone one leaves a bit to be desired, but it still packs enough unnecessary excess to attract some attention, although actual sales might be another matter. On the fridge side of things, it'll hold twenty 400ml cans and it boasts a so-called Quick Cool feature that'll get things "cooling within seconds." On the less practical part of the equation, the fridge boasts a top-loading CD player, an AM/FM radio, some built-in speakers and, of course, a line-in port to accommodate your iPod or other MP3 player (no iPod dock though). That can all be controlled with the included remote, and the fridge can also be hooked up to some external speakers in case you prefer music that doesn't sound like it's coming out of a fridge. From the looks of it, the fridge is shipping now, with it setting you back £130 (or $264).

[Via Pocket-lint]
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